• Do ACA-compliant health insurance plans cover abortion?

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    Non-Hyde abortion coverage is much more common in states that run their own exchanges
    New proposed federal rule requires insurers to send two invoices if the plan covers non-Hyde abortions
    Q. Do ACA-compliant health insurance plans cover abortion?
    A. Some do, and some don't. They are not required to, and in more than half the states, plans sold in the exchange are not allowed to cover abortions except for circumstances involving rape, incest, or the mother's life being in danger.
    The Insider's Guide to Obamacare's Open Enrollment offers time-saving strategies for selecting coverage during...
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  • Georgia health insurance

    Georgia health insurance

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    Health insurance in Georgia
    Georgia utilizes a federally facilitated health insurance exchange .
    Open enrollment in Georgia for 2019 coverage runs through December 15.
    Four insurers are offering 2019 coverage through the Georgia exchange.
    The average individual-market premium increase in Georgia for 2019 is less than 4 percent.
    In 2017, nearly 481,000 Georgians enrolled in 2018 coverage through its exchange .
    Georgia has not accepted the ACA's Medicaid expansion .
    Georgia follows new federal short-term health plan regulations and limits duration to 364 days , with renewals up to 36...
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